X-HACK 1.0

Are you a tech enthusiast looking to showcase your skills and creativity? Then mark your calendars, because EXCESS is excited to announce the main event of our annual technical festival: the X-Tech 3.0 Hardware Hackathon! This intense 28-hour event is the perfect opportunity for you to collaborate with like-minded individuals and form teams to develop hardware prototypes that address real-world challenges. But the fun doesn't stop there the winning team will have the opportunity to win some really good cash. This is a chance to turn your ideas into a reality and make a real impact in the tech industry. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to showcase your skills and potentially kickstart your career in hardware development. Join us at X-Tech 3.0 and let's make this the best hardware hackathon yet!

Click Here for Our Event Sponsor and Hardware vendor Facebook Page. You can get from 5-15% discount on Hardware products during X-TECH 3.0.

B.P. Chowk, Itahari

Registration is Closed !
Deadline till 21th of Poush