Electronics Communication And Information Engineering Student Society

The Electronics Communication and Information Engineering Student Society (EXCESS) is a non-political umbrella type society registered within the IOE Purwanchal campus, Dharan.
It was formed in 2070 B.S.

Message From President

We EXCESS are devoted to developing the skill of Electronic Engineering students in a broad way by providing them with a platform to broaden their knowledge of the digital world so that they can be at the forefront of future technologies. We have been active in helping students learn new skills so they can deal with the implementation of applications, principles, and algorithms developed within many related fields.

- Suraj Bhattarai

Suraj Bhattarai President

About Us

Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering Students' Society ( EXCESS ) is a non political , non profit oriented, umbrella-type society of students pursuing Bachelor's degree in Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering at IOE Purwanchal Campus, Dharan. Ever since it's establishment, from 2070 BS till now, it works with no political or any other college influences rather serves the students with utmost dedication and feeling of grooming. It is always guided by Electronics and Computer Department and itself acts as a bridge to students and campus fraternity.

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